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Ontario Centre of Innovation

Couch & Associates Inc


Solve your most complex digital challenges with Couch & Associates’ expert design and innovative delivery. With the right digital tools, and the right partner in digital marketing, any organization can reach new heights.

FeyaSoft Inc


CubeDrive provides a dynamic CRM solution for the business to create custom applications, generate documents without the need for software developers. With drag and drop, business can easily create the form, add business logic with workflows. A custom CRM application is ready for use. Data is ready for sharing and analysis.

Cubedrive also allows users to convert Excel files into online sheets, multiple users can edit the file at the same time.

It empowers organizations to model, design, deploy and analyze their business activities in a fast way. It greatly improves business work efficiency. For more information, please visit: cubedrive.com.

Philer Inc


Philer, a B2B SaaS platform catering to Law firms, streamlines Real Estate closings. This AI-powered tool optimizes efficiency and collaboration among stakeholders, including realtors, mortgage brokers, and clients, aiming for seamless property closings. It automates workflows, ensuring secure, transparent, and efficient processes, setting new industry standards.

Our suite includes products like the Client Intake Platform for secure info sharing, KYC, and real-time client file tracking. The Mobile App aids realtors and brokers in referrals, document sharing, and tracking. The CRM Platform centralizes client, realtor, and mortgage professional management for Lawyers.

Philer leverages OCR, NLP, and ML for streamlined onboarding, document extraction, risk assessment, and client profile automation. Philer’s API integrations with conveyancing software, e-signature solutions, and title companies enable end-to-end workflow automation for Law Firms.

Computer Geeks On call


Computer Geeks On Call manages & streamlines your company’s IT infrastructure ( computers, networks, server, cloud services, etc ). We specialize in protecting your digital assettes while keeping your systems secure, compliant & accessible.

BDO Canada


BDO Digital is the tech advisory service line for BDO Canada. With over 500 engineers, it is a premier technology solutions provider focused on serving clients through end-to-end solutions in data and AI, modern workplace, business applications, cybersecurity, and digital strategy.

BDO Digital understands the importance of taking a holistic approach to business solutions.

If your transformation needs are connected to Microsoft (Azure, Dynamics, M365, Power Platform, OpenAI), AWS, Ceridian Dayforce, NetSuite , we have you covered.



HACHI is a Hyper Automation platform for training Digital Co-Workers (Bots) to automate complex workflows as per job descriptions using a no-code approach. All possible human gestures and actions are pre-coded and readily available to read, interpret, and write & transform data.

At HachiAI, we’re revolutionizing the business landscape with a pioneering wave of AI-driven digital co-workers, harnessing the power of Generative AI and advanced Automation. Our mission is to transform how businesses function by paving the way for a new generation of digital co-workers. These co-workers aim to strike a balance between human expertise and digital efficiency.

Fyelabs Incorporated


FYELABS is a product development shop that is purpose built for SMEs and startups. We do two things that make us popular: (1) work on fixed price contracts so that going in you know how much a project will cost, and (2) have a very interdisciplinary team of Software, AI/ML, industrial design, embedded systems, electrical, mechanical, robotics, etc.,… so you don’t have to go to multiple shops. Moreover, you , the Customer, owns 100% of the intellectual property and all outcome and documentation developed during the project.

Founded in 2021 January, FYELABS is based out of the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, ON, Canada, and has delivered on 170+ projects to 110+ customers in Canada and the USA. The following video channel provides a great overview: www.fyelabs.com/video-channel

Majestic Media Inc


Majestic is a Toronto-based digital marketing services firm that helps brands succeed on every screen. We are trusted by brands like Scotiabank, PepsiCo, Fisher Investments and McCain Foods to design and develop powerful digital properties, experiences, applications and campaigns that deliver superior results. Simply put, We Build Awesome.

Paramount Digital Agency


Paramount Digital Agency, situated in downtown Toronto, specializes in innovative digital solutions, particularly in ERP & CRM Consultation and Implementation. As committed partners in digital transformation, we tailor strategies to seamlessly integrate these systems, prioritizing not just current needs but also future scalability. Our team’s expertise ensures a smooth implementation, maximizing operational efficiency and setting the stage for sustained growth.

Our ERP & CRM services at Paramount Digital Agency redefine business operations by optimizing workflows and enhancing data management. As strategic partners, we align these systems with your objectives, fostering seamless communication and informed decision-making. Our solutions transcend mere efficiency, laying the groundwork for continuous growth in an ever-evolving market. In Toronto’s bustling business district, we stand dedicated to catalyzing digital transformation through our ERP & CRM expertise.

The Net Effect Contractor Advisor Inc.


The Net Effect Contractor Advisors Inc. in Canada’s leading experts in digitizing the construction industry.

TNE provides digital transformation advice and services to the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) sector. We are expert in BIM (Building Information Modeling), pre-construction, project management, health and safety, construction financial management, and LEM (labour, equipment and material) tracking. Building the best technical eco-system to support a construction business’ people, processes and profitability is what TNE does.

Services include:

* technical SWOT analysis,

* standard operating procedures assessment and design,

* selection of appropriate technologies (hardware, software, equipment),

* system implementation,

* data structuring,

* business intelligence structuring,

* cybersecurity analysis and enhancement, and

* user training and support

TNE is the one-stop shop for AEC technology advice and services.