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Please find below downloadable media pieces for Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI). If you have any trouble, or require anything further, please contact Braden Root-McCaig 

Braden Root-McCaig

Director, Communications & Strategy

(647) 523-4300

OCI Backgrounders

Dr. Claudia Krywiak

President and CEO, OCI

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Dr. Dan Patterson

Chair, Board of Directors, OCI

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Our Logo

The logo consists of the red « energy swirl » and the name “OCE” to the right. The energy swirl simultaneously represents the letters OCE as well as kinetic energy (energy in motion), full of possibilities and potential.

The OCE tagline “Where Next Happens” reinforces our mission to identify, develop and commercialize cutting-edge innovations in order to drive economic growth and showcase Ontario as a global innovation leader. The tagline reminds us that “innovation is happening here” and inspires us to never stop searching for what will be the next big thing to propel Ontario businesses forward.

OCI Logo – English (print version)
OCI Logo – French (print version)
OCI Logo – English (web version)
OCI Logo – French (web version)

Brand Style Guide

The OCI Brand Applications Manual is a guide to OCI’s brand and visual identity, providing tools to help you follow the brand guidelines. It includes the OCI logo, tagline, colour palette and typography.

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The Faces of Ontario Entrepreneurship

Ontario Centre of Innovation on behalf of the Government of Ontario is proud to support thousands of entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovators across Ontario. This is a small sample size of Ontario’s innovation ecosystem featuring some of the people who create « what’s next ».