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Ontario Centre of Innovation

Bitmetrics Solutions Inc.


Bitmetric provides TrakIT – a comprehensive, low-code/no-code, customizable, scalable, end-to-end workflow management system for logistics companies and freight forwarders, along with extensive automation and integration capabilities.

We automate supply chain management to the smallest of details. Warehouse management, Inbound or outbound logistics, are customized for multi-level management control. TrakIT can give transparency at every step of order fulfilment with real-time updates, including end-customer and vendor portal access.

Set up complex workflows, logic-based events, customized KPIs and customized notifications. Build your reports to be generated automatically on a schedule sent via email, FTP or API. Send SMS, Chat and email notifications on specific conditions.

Our customized solutions have simplified complex processes in the shipping industry leading to savings of millions of dollars. We are the trusted partner for many large organizations.