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PARADOX | Unravelling the future of protein misfolding diseases

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PARADOX | Unravelling the future of protein misfolding diseases

In our bodies, healthy proteins are responsible for carrying out many of the essential functions we require for survival. However, there are some diseases where proteins can misbehave and assemble into abnormal shapes called amyloid which can then clog up organs and result in fatal outcomes. There are many types of protein misfolding diseases, many of which do not have a cure.

Paradox Immunotherapeutics is a biotech company that develops immunotherapies for diseases caused by protein misfolding, with an emphasis on amyloidosis (AL), a class of protein misfolding diseases that affects 300 people per million worldwide. Paradox uses an innovative drug design platform to create antibodies that work by selectively marking the problematic/misfolded proteins for removal using the body’s immune system, while leaving the healthy proteins in the body untouched.

Paradox’s lead program consists of antibodies for the treatment of immunoglobulin light chain AL, chronic and fatal diseases that affect the kidney, liver, and heart. Paradox is also developing follow-on programs targeting renal and neuro protein misfolding disease.

Co-founders Drs. Natalie J. Galant and Yulong Sun have assembled a team of expert scientists that have decades of experience in developing clinically and commercially validated antibody therapies. These founders are determined to disrupt the idea that protein misfolding diseases are incurable and are poised to leverage Paradox’s antibody design platform to solidify Paradox’s position as the global leaser in protein misfolding therapeutics.

“OCI’s funding and support has enabled Paradox to hire some of the very best scientific talent, increase our life sciences footprint in Ontario, and accelerate our commercial efforts with partners.” – Natalie Galant, CEO