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Success Stories


In a world with an insatiable desire for video content, the rapidly-evolving media or entertainment industry is faced with a challenging question of how to quickly and reliably transfer massive files.  

Enter MASV, an Ottawa-based company, who has really big news for moving really big content. MASV offers a fast and secure way of moving enormous (20GB+) files over their cloud network, and their specialization in really big content sets them apart. 

While MASV is exceptionally good at moving huge files across the globe via cloud, customers experiencing poor internet connectivity, often in rural or remote areas, were not receiving the benefit of speedy transmission. MASV felt their customers should be able to ‘add more internet’ when they needed to make important transfers and is working to deliver Multipath 5G, a method of bonding multiple internet connections and sending files across all of them at one time.  

MASV saw the ENCQOR 5G program as a great opportunity to test their 5G capability–in fact, MASV saw it as essential, since they had no test kit of their own, and as a growth-stage company, to build their own was a daunting task. The company knew that building on LTE would work — but wouldn’t allow MASV to exploit the coming wave of 5G-driven growth. 

Not only are MASV’s capabilities useful to the entertainment world, but they are also inherently helpful to remote work as they can push through internet restrictions with their desktop app, or allow uploads and downloads anywhere with their browser-based app.  As many individuals are currently working from home, MASV allows for business continuity by providing the ability to move large files from any location.  As internet coverage is not consistent across the province, MASV provides a useful tool to help unlock the ability of remote workers to do their jobs effectively. 

The company recently launched the app that will host their Multipath 5G capabilities and hope to add more security features going forward to help larger companies and various levels of government take advantage of their service.