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Ontario Centre of Innovation
Empowering young minds with ebooks

Success Stories

Empowering young minds with ebooks

The most significant enabler for a better and more sustainable human future is education. It has the power to lift populations out of poverty, remove barriers for individuals, and create a sustainable path to a more stable future. There are more than 250 million African students, and all need access to educational resources today and in the future.

HITCH has developed a unique learning platform that intelligently curates the best educational videos, automatically aligning them with local curriculums and textbooks and storing them on battery – powered video hotspots for convenient student and teach access offline, via WiFi or local networks. Now with an expanded partnership with Learn Africa, Nigeria’s largest textbook publisher, HITCH is set to build on its library of world-class educational videos for teachers and students with enhanced multimedia functionality – and the impact and benefits it will bring.

HITCH utilized the 5G program to upgrade their product backhaul to ensure full 5G capabilities. They used the testbed to test and validate their product and simulate performance on a 5G network. HITCH is going beyond traditional educational resources to improve learning outcomes and exam preparations for K-12 students in Africa and beyond.

“OCI support has been instrumental in not only accelerating our technology roadmap and product testing/iteration capacity, it has been a steadfast illustration and an impactful reminder of the world-class competitive advantage of building our company from a base in Ontario. We cannot overemphasize the importance of OCI in helping us prove our technology’s robustness and effectiveness, which has supported us to close $1M in sales, with a corresponding expansion to at least 500K users in the next 12 months.” – Uche Onuora, CEO and Co-founder.