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Ontario Centre of Innovation



Lemay.ai is a specialized consultancy that provides companies with AI strategy, AI implementation, and MLOps solutions.

For over 7 years, we have assisted corporate clients across industries in over 21 countries to adopt AI/ML/DL solutions. Some key areas where we apply solutions are fintech, natural language processing, and scientific R&D. We can offer your team the full spectrum of machine learning project options, including Solution Architecture, Gap Analysis, AI Roadmap, Virtual CTO, Data Science, AI/ML/DL Model Training, Deployment, and MLOps.

Our philosophy is to use technology to accelerate and automate work. Technology should be a tool that helps you achieve your business objectives, rather than a goal in itself. Let us help you explore the world of machine learning to find the best opportunities for your business. Led by two AI experts, Mathieu Lemay and Daniel Shapiro, PhD, the company performs research and development and has multiple revenue streams specializing in Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning (AI/DL). We also create different AI/DL products and hold 5 patents, 8 certifications and 35 publications.


  • B2B
  • CPG

Areas of Expertise

  • Robotics/AI/ Automation