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TalentEdge Fellowship Program (TFP) – OVIN

The TalentEdge Fellowship Program (TFP) stream of Ontario’s Vehicle Innovation (OVIN) program provides support for PhD graduates and post-doctoral fellows, to work on industry-driven research and development projects related to automotive and smart mobility technology such as Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (C/AV) technologies, Electric Vehicles (EV), battery technologies the metallurgical (metal & mining) sector and other related areas. Companies can tap into world-class talent coming out of Ontario’s publicly-funded post-secondary institutions and strengthen their capacity to develop new products, services, and processes, while fellows receive hands-on industry experience and mentorship opportunities in areas such as software and hardware development, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

Program Status: Available Here

Best suited for:


  • Received PhD within the last five years from an accredited, publicly-funded university

Applicant/Industry Partner: 

  • Institution-based Fellowship:  
    • Applicant: principal investigator at an accredited, publicly-funded Ontario university
    • Industry partner: for-profit company with operations in Ontario 
  • Company-based Fellowship:   
    • Applicant: for-profit company with operations in Ontario 


  • Project-based, with clearly defined R&D activities, milestones and outcomes to be completed within the fellowship duration 

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Program Guidelines

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Contact a Program Lead

Martin Lord 
Senior Sector Manager, Automotive and Mobility 
416 629 3126

Dan Ruby 
Sector Manager, Automotive and Mobility Innovation
416 799 9194

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